Bring Romance Into Your Home

By Linda Castle, ASID, Decorated Designs

Luxury Master BedroomRomance, such an elusive word, yet something we all strive to incorporate more of into our daily lives. Romance invokes feelings like love, passion, mystery, adventure and emotion. The challenge is to bring more of these feelings into our homes.

It starts with a “romantic state of mind,” but can be reflected through your home furnishing selections.

Paint color is both physiological and psychological. For example, blues, greens and purples in certain hues appeal to both men and women and can soothe and relax.

Here are some other inexpensive and quick ways to create romantic ambiance.

  • Soften your lighting by using incandescent bulbs instead of fluorescent ones. Add some flickering candles, a crackling fireplace, and the scent of cinnamon, and you have set the stage for romance.
  • How about a beautiful new rug on your hardwood floor? There are so many new textures and colors that can be both practical and romantic. Carpeting used to make an area rug will give you an affordable option.
  • Add a beautiful plush chenille throw in a romantic color, or perhaps a rich and delicious faux fur throw. Trade out those small stiff pillows with yummy velvet punchy oversized pillows.
  • Last but not least, fresh flowers always create goodwill and romance.


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