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5 Renovation Ideas That Will Get You Excited About a Kitchen Makeover

By September 26, 2019No Comments4 min read

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. This is the area in which after school snacks are shared, holiday meals are cooked, and bake sale cookies are baked.

All in all, it’s as much a family area as the dining or living room.

So, might as well make it as modern, well equipped and updated as you can. Kitchen remodels bring a dull and outdated space back to life.

If you’ve been on the fence about a new kitchen makeover, here are some projects that will get you excited about taking the plunge.

1. Walk-in pantry
A walk-in pantry is an excellent way to add practical storage and to make the most out of your home renovation project.

Not only is this the answer for your lack of space, but it’s also a project that will leave you with an even more aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Kitchen remodels with a walk-in pantry addition are equipped with floor to ceiling shelves and snack cubbies.

Organize your canned goods and any dry foods like pasta and beans into matching containers for a more seamless look. Mason jars are especially practical and go well with most kitchens. If you love to cook with your family and keep things organized, this project is optimal for you.

2. Update the backsplash
If you wish to subtly upgrade the area, updating the backsplash is a smaller and more manageable project that can still make a huge difference. It can brighten up the area and add some personality to your home. Choose between vibrant colors of tile or select something more minimal and muted like a simple metallic backsplash instead.

3. Add an island or breakfast bar
If your kitchen does not have a bar, make this your next big remodeling project. A bar is useful if you love to host parties and events in your home. Prepare a lovely brunch for the family or create delectable cocktails for friends, right at the kitchen bar.

4. Extend an existing kitchen bar
Sometimes the home you originally bought years ago manages to feel smaller and smaller as time progresses. Families grow, so it makes sense that your kitchen space does too! Extending the bar in your kitchen allows you to have ample space for everything from homework help to laying out Superbowl party finger foods and snacks. Though this is a bigger project, you won’t regret taking it on and will wonder how you managed before the big remodel.

5. New cabinets
The cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen. If you’re not in love with your kitchen cabinets, there’s no reason you can’t ditch them for updated ones. Most of our nation’s homes—around 85% of them— were built in the 1980s and it’s safe to say a lot has changed since then.

Kitchen remodels are worth the investment

There are many reasons to renovate your kitchen. Kitchen remodels can take your outdated kitchen, and convert it brand new friendly space for both friends and family to enjoy. They can increase the value of your current home and give you some much needed extra space.

A custom kitchen remodel will also give you the freedom to design the perfect area if you already have a vision of what you want. If any of these ideas got you excited about a possible remodel, it’s probably time to plan out your next project.

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