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Adding Style With Tile

By December 9, 2020January 19th, 2024No Comments3 min read
tile bathroom with glass door

When it comes to bathroom surfaces, tile is king.  Tile is durable — making it able to withstand temperature variability and resist scratching. It’s water safe — a key attribute in a room with lots of plumbing. Tile is easy to clean. Of course, one of the best (and all too often overlooked) aspects of bathroom tile is its style. If you are considering upgrading your tile, concentrate on the following elements, as displayed handsomely in a recent Tabor bathroom remodeling project.

Types of Tile

The most common type of tile is ceramic, thanks to its durability, relative cost-efficiency, and availability in a variety of colors and styles. Porcelain tiles, like those on the shower walls and main floor of this featured project, are quite similar to ceramic and are also frequently used in bathrooms, thanks to their increased durability and water resistance. Options don’t stop there, however. Tile can also be glass or even stone like granite, rough quarry, or the pebble used on this shower’s floor.


Home design relies a lot on combining textures. In bathrooms, mixing opposites like ultra-smooth glass with rough-hewn stone adds depth and interest, especially when used in different areas. The homeowners here opted for pebbled tile on the shower floor for a natural non-slip finish. This floor offsets the sandstone ceramic walls with glass accents. All these textures work together harmoniously for an elegant, yet rugged, feel.


Evenly stacked, offset, or herringbone? Tile placement is truly where style and personality come through. Tiles can create beautiful mosaics or simple patterns, like the hexagon accents here. Painted tiles are another fun option for a custom (and remarkably durable) look that’s delightfully unexpected in a bathroom.

Some materials, like wood and porous or fragile stone, just aren’t practical in bathrooms. Thankfully, tile can be crafted to mimic almost any surface! Here, ceramic tile was brushed to look like sandstone. While sandstone is a beautiful material, it requires some upkeep — unlike this maintenance-free ceramic. Now, the homeowners have all of sandstone’s warmth and beauty without any of the hassle.


Cool, easy to clean, and classic tile turns an average bathroom into an elegant oasis. Ready to style your tile? Contact us!

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