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Choosing the Best Bathroom Layout For Your Home

By August 5, 2021January 19th, 2024No Comments3 min read
bathroom with glass shower

Bathroom remodeling is one of the top renovation projects undertaken by homeowners. However, designing and laying out a bathroom can be tricky. Here’s how to choose the best bathroom layout that ensures everything flows smoothly together and there are no awkward spaces.

Consider the Space

When remodeling your bathroom, the first step is designing the layout, which involves defining the space you’re working with. This depends on whether it’s the master bathroom, the upstairs bathroom, or the hallway bathroom. The amount of space you have to work with will define the final layout of your bathroom. Your bathroom designer will help you make the most of your available space.

Additionally, you should look beyond the bathroom space to ensure the design fits in well with the style of your home. For instance, you don’t have to match everything down to the precise color shade, but having a mismatched color scheme can be distracting to the eye.

One more important thing, your layout may revolve around immovable structures, such as plumbing and ventilation. These utility lines can be moved, but that will cost more.

Focus On Functional Areas

Now that you have determined the best layout for the space you’re working with. The next step is making sure you include the main functional zones. These include the following:

  • Vanity. This includes countertops, storage space, sinks, and mirrors. Depending on the space, you can opt for a framed mirror or dual sinks. Make sure there’s enough counter space so things are not crowded.
  • Shower/Tub. Most bathrooms can easily accommodate both a shower and a tub, but if you’re squeezed for space, you might have to choose one after the other. While tubs are not outdated, they are less common in master bathrooms, and when they’re incorporated, they tend to eat up less space.
  • Toilet. Although this is an essential feature of any bathroom, it’s typically not the centerpiece of the bathroom. The location of your toilet will influence your bathroom’s layout, and as mentioned earlier, you want to keep it where it is unless you don’t mind driving the price of your project up.

The good news is, the bathroom remodeling tips mentioned above can be customized to suit your needs and budget. According to a September survey, 80% of homeowners that undertake home renovation projects manage to stick to their budgets. About 75% already have money in the budget allocated for this specific purpose. So, there’s no reason why bathroom remodeling has to wreak havoc with your budget!

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