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Do Your Master and Guest Bathrooms Have to Match?

By November 11, 2021January 17th, 2024No Comments3 min read
bathroom with double vanity

When you start bathroom remodeling, it’s important to think about the big picture. In fact, according to iProperty Management, kitchen and bathroom remodels are among the top two most desired remodels for U.S. homeowners. When it comes to your bathroom, what major things would you want to change? Some homeowners also want to know whether it’s necessary to match the master and guest bathrooms. Read on to find out more about matching the elements of your new bathroom designs.

Is it Necessary to Match Your Master and Guest Bathrooms?

The short answer to this question is “no.” unless you want them to. Usually, people would go for a neutral theme in their guest bathroom. On the other hand, an ultra-modern look will be perfect for the master bathroom. Unlike the guest bathroom, which might need to accommodate adults and kids, the master bathroom is usually an adults-only facility, so it can be more sophisticated.

However, you must also understand that when designing, there are no rules set in stone. There are some elements that can be the same in both bathrooms. For instance, you can include the same color in both bathrooms. Apart from the paint, if you really want to match the two bathrooms, choose a classic style that fits any bathroom.

Should You Install the Same Hardware Fixtures in Both Bathrooms?

While it is not necessary to include the same exact fixture in the master and guest bathroom, you should at least make sure that things look a bit cohesive. For instance, you can use the same type of metal in both bathrooms. Fortunately, most contractors do this without even thinking about it. If you decide to mix metals, choose warm and cooler metals so that it’s apparent you were going for different themes.

Should You Use the Same Color For Your Fixtures

To maintain the same theme throughout the house, it’s advisable to use the same colors for the toilet, tub, and sink when you do your bathroom remodeling. These are the main anchor points in your bathroom. So to make the rooms more appealing, you must pick matching colors for these appliances. As long as these appliances have matching colors, you can have the freedom to play around with the colors of the walls, vanity, and tiles.

The bathroom can be an exciting room to renovate. To make sure that you get the most return on investment from your bathroom remodeling, work with a design specialist.

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