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Elevate Your Space: 10 Luxurious Interior Updates for Your Home

By August 25, 2023January 15th, 2024No Comments3 min read
living room with fireplace

When it comes to your home, creating an ambiance of luxury and comfort is essential. A well-designed interior not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds value to your property. If you’re considering a home interior upgrade, and are in or around Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, or the Northern DC areas, look no further. Tabor Design Build specializes in turning your vision into reality. Here, we’ll explore ten ways to transform your living space and elevate it to new heights of elegance.

  1. Statement Lighting Fixtures: Upgrade your lighting game with gorgeous chandeliers, pendant lights, and sconces. Lighting is more than just a functional element; it’s an artistic expression that sets the tone for each room. Consider custom-designed fixtures that complement your style, be it contemporary, traditional, or a fusion of both.
  2. Luxurious Flooring: Replace worn-out carpets with hardwood or marble flooring. These timeless materials not only exude luxury but also offer durability and easy maintenance. Area rugs can be used strategically to add texture and warmth to your spaces.
  3. Custom Built-ins: Invest in custom-built shelving, cabinetry, and entertainment centers. Tailored to your space, these built-ins provide a seamless and elegant storage solution while showcasing your personality through design.
  4. Chic Wall Paneling: Enhance your walls with sophisticated paneling or molding. Whether it’s classic wainscoting or modern geometric designs, such accents add depth and visual interest to your interiors.
  5. High-End Kitchen Upgrades: The heart of your home deserves special attention. Upgrade to top-of-the-line appliances, install granite or quartz countertops, and opt for custom cabinetry. An open-concept kitchen with a central island can become a hub of splendor and functionality.
  6. Spa-Inspired Bathrooms: Transform your bathrooms into luxurious retreats. Incorporate features like rainfall showers, soaking tubs, and heated floors. Use high-quality materials like marble or mosaic tiles to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  7. Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly blend technology and comfort by integrating smart home systems. Control lighting, climate, security, and entertainment with a touch, making your life not only more convenient but also incredibly sophisticated.
  8. Artistic Wall Finishes: Consider textured wallpapers, intricate murals, or even hand-painted designs. These artistic touches can transform your walls into captivating works of art that resonate with your personal style.
  9. Elegant Window Treatments: Swap out basic blinds for custom drapery made from deluxe fabrics. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can visually expand your space while adding an air of opulence.
  10. Refined Furniture Selection: Invest in high-quality, statement furniture pieces that reflect your taste. Opt for elegant silhouettes, rich materials, and thoughtful details that tie your rooms together in a cohesive, upscale manner.

A home remodel is a canvas for your imagination to run wild, creating spaces that reflect your aspirations and lifestyle. With these ten interior updates, you can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary. At Tabor, we specialize in turning dreams into reality. Let us help you transform your living spaces into refined havens of comfort and elegance. If you are in or around Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, or the Northern DC areas, give us a call at 301-417-6570 or fill out our Contact form here



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