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Essential Features for Your Master Bathroom Remodel

By February 12, 2021January 19th, 2024No Comments4 min read

It’s estimated that 85% of homes built in the U.S. prior to 1980 require home improvements. Are you tired of an outdated, boring master bathroom that needs to be renovated? Why not renovate your bathroom so it’s more than just the place where you shower before work? It’s time the bathroom becomes your sanctuary to unwind and relax in luxury.

Modern technology has transformed how master bathrooms are viewed and used. Design-build firms can transform your bathroom and give you a spa-like experience featuring elements you’ve always wanted. Make essential changes like those listed below that will improve comfort without sacrificing functionality.

Choose Textured, Small Tiles for Bathroom Renovations

You will have many wall and flooring tile choices to make when you renovate your master bathroom. A vital factor is safety, which is why choosing small, textured tiles for a shower floor is wise. These tiles help prevent accidental slips and falls when compared to smoother options. This is because smaller tiles use more grout between them. Luckily, you don’t have to lose style while showcasing beautiful, textured tiles.

Modern tiles also resist humidity, mold, and stains. Create a beautiful mosaic with different colors and patterns of tile for a gorgeous visual impact, or choose more understated options that look more harmonious. Your design-build firm will work closely with you to bring your visions to life.

Integrated Lighting Adds Seamless Illumination

Integrated LED lighting can be used to create the perfect vanity lighting. Mirrors with LED lighting that are adjustable create lighting options. You won’t have to deal with unflattering angles or harsh shadows, no matter your height. Innovative LED lighting ensures that the lighting always falls perfectly.

Upgrading the Toilet Is a Top Master Bathroom Renovation

There have been many positive changes when it comes to toilets. Trending features include self-cleaning toilets, heated seats, integrated air dryers, and bidet functions. Newer models can also control water flow better, saving you money.

Which one is ideal for your bathroom remodel? Your questions will be answered by your knowledgeable design-build team. They will take into account the layout you prefer to renovate your bathroom and offer educated suggestions that are in line with your overall vision.

Hide Unsightly Elements in a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Do you enjoy a clean and modern look in your bathroom? Toiletries can make a vanity look cluttered and messy. You can hide such things and gain more storage by having a recessed medicine cabinet installed.

Placing a medicine cabinet just a few inches inside a wall saves space. It will also make the master bathroom look more modern and sleek. Renovate your bathroom with extra wall framing for the cabinet so it stays cohesive with the grand scheme of things.

Relax in Your Own Sauna or Steam Shower

Nothing feels better than being able to relax in a sauna or steam shower. Both make a great addition when you’re ready to renovate your bathroom. Saunas can be built for two and do not have to take up too much space. The same goes for steam showers. When making home renovations, make sure to have luxury items installed that afford maximum comfort. You’ll be thankful you did when you’re relaxing in therapeutic steam.

Radiant Heat Keeps You Warm

Do you detest waking up and stepping onto a cold floor? That’s what happens for most homeowners when they leave the warmth of their bed to use the master bathroom. In-floor radiant heat can solve that problem. Radiant heat is more efficient than just using the forced air from a heater. Have in-floor radiant heat installed to keep you warm and toasty in your newly renovated bathroom.

When you want to remodel your bathroom into a calming, luxurious space, look no further than the remodeling experts at Tabor Design Build. We have everything you need to fall in love with your new bathroom. Give us a call today for more information.

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