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By December 16, 2019No Comments3 min read

Fireplaces make any gathering space warm and cozy. Homeowners and designers alike find that adding a fireplace enhances the ambiance of any space while creating a unique focal point. With so many options to choose from, which fireplace style is best for you? Here are a few considerations: 

Gas vs Wood Burning

There’s something nostalgic about burning wood in a fireplace. Perhaps it’s the simple pleasure of listening to the crackling sound of the wood burning while smelling the woodsy aroma. But making time for it isn’t always that easy. Cutting and stacking wood, building the fire, and cleaning up the ash are time-consuming tasks for busy lifestyles. A great alternative is a gas fireplace. The gas insert fits directly into your existing fireplace, greatly enhancing its performance and beauty. Gas fireplaces are cleaner and more energy efficient than their wood burning counterparts. In fact, we have had numerous requests to retrofit wood burning fireplaces to gas. Yet, a large percentage of homeowners prefer the traditional wood burning option. 

Regardless of your preference, having your fireplace maintained regularly will ensure its safety and efficiency.   

Take a Break from Brick

Fireplace surrounds no longer have to be brick. There are a number of alternatives to choose from to bring your fireplace into sync with your design aesthetic.

  • Steel surrounds provide a modern, industrial feel
  • Wood, i.e. shiplap, is the recent trend and lends rustic charm
  • Concrete provides a contemporary feel, offering clean lines and natural finishes
  • Stone surrounds add natural, earthen tones to any room
  • Tile allows you to create a unique surround using endless materials, colors, sizes and textiles

Mantel Materials

Similar to fireplace surrounds, materials used for mantels can vary based on taste and budget. Traditional fireplaces feature stone or marble mantels. Industrial style mantels may utilize steel or concrete. More recently, reclaimed wood with a natural edge has been trending as a popular mantel material.

Refurbishing or creating a fireplace has become easier than ever and a requested must-have during home renovations. Whatever your style, the options are limitless. Working with an experienced design-build firm like Tabor Design Build will help simplify the process. To discuss your fireplace renovation, contact us at: 301-417-6570.

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