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Five Must-Have Features For Your Laundry Room Renovation

By July 10, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments4 min read

According to recent statistics, nationwide home improvement spending is increasing at nearly 6% each year. But those home remodeling projects aren’t limited to the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. In some cases, small home renovations can be even more meaningful — particularly in areas we use on a frequent basis.

Take the laundry room, for example. To keep up with critical household chores and proper hygiene, we tend to spend a lot of time here. Actually, most American families do eight to 10 loads of laundry each week, as reported by The Spruce. But if your current laundry room just isn’t cutting it — or you don’t have a dedicated space for your washer and dryer — you might want to consider remodeling your home to improve your accommodations. If you do opt for remodeling your home with a new laundry room in mind, here are five must-have features you’ll want to include.

  1. Lighting: Virtually all residential renovations can be improved by adding the proper lighting. But in a laundry room, you’ll add both ambiance and functionality with the right fixtures. Rather than trying to launder clothes correctly in a dim space, you can ensure you’ll never miss a stain with a combination of lighting options. Not only will your clothes look spotless and wrinkle-free, but you’ll actually enjoy the time you spend in this space if the lighting becomes a priority.
  2. Storage: Most homeowners want as much storage as possible, as it’s a great way to get more out of a room. Having ample storage in the laundry area is key, as you’ll have plenty of items to organize. From detergents and bleach to clothespins, stain removers, and dryer sheets, you’ll need storage space for it all to keep everything from getting cluttered. If you have more storage in the laundry room than in other areas, you can also keep paper products, toiletries, extra linens, towels, and even outdoor items stored here to keep everything neat and tidy.
  3. Counter Space With a Sink: Although the washer and dryer might be your focus, you’ll also benefit from having some extra counter space in your laundry room. This will help you sort, load, and fold your laundry with ease — and that’s what this space is all about. It’s a good idea to include a sink and faucet in your laundry room, as well, since you might have to treat a stain or wash a delicate item by hand. Both of these features will make things far more functional and make your job much less stressful.
  4. Laundry Amenities: In addition to the machines you’ll use to do the bulk of the work, you may also want to include some other built-in amenities when remodeling your home. For instance, you might want to ask your remodeling company to install a fold-down drying rack or ironing board as part of the design. Rather than clutter up the floor with cheaply made alternatives, these built-in features can fold up when they aren’t in use and won’t impede foot traffic. You may also want built-in laundry bins for sorting or shelving specifically for laundry baskets and other necessities.
  5. Low-Maintenance Flooring: When you’re remodeling your home with laundry facilities in mind, you might not want to splurge on the most expensive building materials available. However, you will want to choose flooring that can stand up to the task. You’ll want a material that’s durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Talk to your remodeling company about the flooring options they’d recommend and about any maintenance concerns you might have before making a final design choice.

Although remodeling your home is no easy task, these five features will make your new or renovated laundry space picture-perfect. For more information on addressing your renovation needs, please contact us today.

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