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How Remodeling Can Solve These Common Kitchen Problems

By September 10, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. But unfortunately, not every home comes with a brand new kitchen — or even one that can address all of your needs. Putting up with a subpar kitchen space for too long may leave you feeling frustrated with the rest of your home, however you’d also be amazed what kitchen remodeling can accomplish.

Before you explore your options for kitchen remodels, it may be helpful to identify the particular problems that exist in your space. Once you analyze the source of your kitchen issues, you can work with the home remodeling contractors Maryland homeowners trust to create something that truly works for your family.

What Are the Most Common Kitchen Problems?

  • Lack of Counter Space: Having little to no prep space in a kitchen is a big problem, which is why 76% of home buyers consider a center island to be an essential element in a kitchen. You might not realize just how little counter space you actually have until you’ve settled into your home. Without enough space to work, you’ll have difficulty preparing the simplest meal or storing any of your necessary appliances. That may be reason enough for you to ignore your stove and get takeout as much as possible, and possibly make you feel even worse about the state of your house.
  • Cramped Traffic Patterns: Not every kitchen is designed with an open concept in mind. If your home is older or on the smaller side, the original builders may have gone with a trendy or space-saving option that might leave future owners scratching their heads. If there isn’t enough room for you to comfortably walk from the fridge to the sink — or to have more than one person in the kitchen at one time — you probably have a problem with the traffic pattern or with how the space is being utilized. Relocating larger appliances can help, but some kitchen remodels require walls to be knocked down to open up the space more effectively.
  • Poor Task Lighting: The quality and quantity of lighting matters in virtually any space, but kitchen activities especially require good lighting for the sake of safety. If your existing kitchen lighting doesn’t provide adequate visibility, you could risk hurting yourself while chopping vegetables or increase other health risks during food preparation and serving. In many situations, it simply makes more sense to undergo a kitchen renovation to address all of your lighting issues while fixing other problems with the layout.

Our Kitchen Remodels Can Address Prevalent Issues

No matter what kind of kitchen problem you’re experiencing, our renovation team can solve it with a new design. For more information on getting started on your kitchen renovation, please contact Tabor Design Build today.

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