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Kitchen Vs. Bathroom Remodeling: Which Should You Choose?

By December 4, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments4 min read

If you’re like most people, your home was built before 1980 — about 85% of all homes built in the U.S. were completed by then. So it only makes sense they’d require improvements. Many times, those improvements involve kitchen and bath remodeling. Which renovations should you start first? It’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed with just the thought of remodeling any part of your home.

That’s is precisely why you should always use home remodeling contractors that offer careful planning. Remodeling both the kitchen and bathroom is not too difficult for design-build specialists. They pay special attention to their clients making sure to include built-in amenities and custom details they want to be incorporated. You’re assured kitchen and bath remodeling services that exude stylish convenience. Now all you need to decide is where to start. Here are some of the top questions to ask yourself to help make that decision.

Where Do You Spend the Most Time?

It only makes sense to remodel the room in which you spend the most time. Do you prefer to lounge in your bathroom in a relaxing bubble bath? A bathroom remodel would have you soaking your cares away even sooner. Do you thrive on creating culinary delights for family and friends? A kitchen remodel may suit you best in this case.

What Is Your Home Lacking?

Just to be clear, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, it helps to consider what’s lacking in your home. Are you missing a certain element in either the kitchen or bathroom that would help you decide how to tackle kitchen and bath remodeling? Is there a luxurious feature in either room that you have been waiting to add? Creating a list of deficiencies for both rooms can assist you in prioritizing either the bath or the kitchen as the case may be.

What Do You Want Now?

Do you envision being able to slip into a walk-in shower with multiple spa-like shower heads and gorgeous mosaic tiles? Perhaps you want to transition your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen with a new walk-in pantry, appliances, and luxurious décor. If one room requires your attention more than the other, you have your answer.

Keep in mind that each room for kitchen and bath remodeling tends to be a different size. This aspect doesn’t necessarily determine how long a renovation will take. However, it could help you choose which room to renovate first based on need. Discuss all of the design elements you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen with your contractor to determine which room should be renovated first.

Both Renovations Add Luxury and Comfort to Your Home

While it’s ultimately up to you and your family to choose which room to remodel first, either renovation will offer additional comfort, style, value, and luxury. Rely on your design-build contractors and their high-level of expertise to create excellent plans for both projects. Using our services will keep you from starting a remodeling project only to find out that had you proceeded differently, you could have accomplished the project better. Design-build specialists are there for you through every phase from planning until the final kitchen and bath remodeling services are accomplished.

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