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Lots of Texture and Bold Colors: Kitchen Trends in 2021

By August 11, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments3 min read

The kitchen is one of the best places in your home to explore different design trends and styles to discover what you like. After all, it’s the only room in your house where you can both cook and entertain.

Ultimately, your kitchen ought to be a reflection of your own personal style. But now that we’re halfway through 2020, we’re beginning to see emerging trends set to take the stage next year. If you’re looking for help with your kitchen remodeling project, here are some of the top up-and-coming kitchen trends you can expect to see by next year.

Sleek lines and bold colors

About 25% of kitchen remodeling designs have a contemporary style, which includes neutral elements, bold color, and basic lines and shapes. In 2021, you’ll see contemporary style taking the crown once again as features from minimalism and maximalism blend together to create an aesthetic that uses the best of both worlds: clean lines and bold colors.

In the kitchen, this translates to simple cabinetry, countertops, and kitchen islands without decorative flair. Backsplashes are in subway tile and, if there’s open cabinetry, pantry items and plates are on floating shelves. Backsplashes or cabinets are in bold colors like emerald or navy blue. Bar stools at the kitchen island will be squared in design.

Charmingly colorful lower cabinets

Contrasting kitchen cabinets has been a growing trend since 2019 and now that trend is beginning to take a turn to vintage. Homeowners are increasingly opting for lower cabinets in soft, almost-pastel colors like sage and eggshell blue to create the look of a cottage-style kitchen without going over-the-top with kitchen decor and vintage appliances. Paired with a dark wood kitchen island and white upper cabinets, this trend can make any kitchen feel calm and welcoming.

Tons of texture

Texture has been a growing trend in 2020 living rooms. It only makes sense for it to start creeping into the kitchen. You can add texture to your kitchen by layering rustic features like butcher block countertops with a brick backsplash, or mixing natural touches like wood cabinetry with natural stone flooring. Mixing and matching metals in your kitchen hardware is also a great way to add visual interest.

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