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Major Mistakes to Avoid With Your Home Addition

By July 9, 2019February 6th, 2024No Comments4 min read


Making the decision to add on to your home can be a highly profitable and enjoyable one. Not only can additions yield returns of anywhere from 49% to 65%, but they can allow your family to gain access to more usable space and improve their quality of life as a result. That said, this type of home remodeling project isn’t foolproof. If you aren’t careful, you could end up making a mistake that could actually compromise the value of your property or create major headaches for everyone involved. Below are just a few major mistakes to avoid when pursuing home additions.

MISTAKE: Failing to Stick With an Existing Aesthetic

When you add onto your house or a specific room, the final result should be completely seamless. You shouldn’t really be able to tell where the original structure ends and the add-on begins. But if you go into this project without a comprehensive plan or aren’t careful about your material selections, you might end up with something totally obvious and obtrusive to the eye. Make sure that your addition is designed with your home’s current aesthetic in mind and that your contractor understands the importance of having a streamlined final result. Otherwise, this add-on will stick out like a sore thumb and won’t do much to bring value to your home.

MISTAKE: Underestimating Home Renovation Costs

With any remodeling project, it’s essential to determine a budget beforehand and stick to it. While this particular type of renovation can yield some high returns, it’s not typically the most affordable upgrade a homeowner can have performed. You’ll need to invest a fair amount to get the most you can out of it. That doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest materials or hire the least expensive contractor you can find. It does mean that you should budget carefully before beginning and make sure you haven’t overlooked any aspect of the process. Since adding on to an existing room or even creating an entirely new story isn’t a project you can back out of midway through, you’ll want to have all of the information in front of you before anyone breaks ground.

MISTAKE: Working With an Inexperienced Contractor

This mistake applies to all renovation projects, but it’s especially important when you’re talking about tearing down walls or adding new structures. For this type of project, you’ll certainly need to obtain permits and comply with zoning regulations. Make sure that your contractor is well-versed in these kinds of projects and what’s required. To that end, you should not attempt to DIY this type of project; it’s simply too complex for homeowners to take on themselves and will lead to frustration, wasted time, and greater expenditures down the line. Be sure to meet with at least a few different respected contractors in your area, obtain quotes, and ask questions so you have a clear idea of what’s involved and how their experience will help you achieve the results you’re after.

Now that you know which mistakes to avoid when taking on this type of renovation, you’ll be much more prepared when you meet with a contractor to design and execute your home addition. For more information on our remodeling services and how we can bring your vision to life, please contact us today.

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