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Surprising Benefits of a Kitchen Island

By May 14, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments3 min read

The kitchen island has become such a staple in modern kitchens that it’s hard to believe there was a time they weren’t included in contemporary designs. Today, up to 76% of homebuyers consider a kitchen island to be an essential element.

If you’ve been considering adding a kitchen island in your next kitchen remodeling project, rest assured that you’re not only making the right decision, but you’ll also get a good return on investment. Here are some of the top benefits of bringing a kitchen island into your remodel.

Lots of storage and counter space

One of the biggest reasons why kitchen islands are favored is because they offer additional counter space. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, it’s nice to be able to turn around and set your ingredients on an additional countertop. Kitchen islands give you the elbow room you need.

They also offer additional storage space. Consider choosing a kitchen island that has cabinets or shelving beneath it. You can customize your island to store anything from wine to coffee mugs to crock pots.

Gives your kitchen a focal point

In kitchen remodeling, kitchen islands not only provide additional storage space and counter space. They also give guests something to focus on other than your stove or a wall of cabinetry.

You can take advantage of your kitchen’s new focal point by using your island as an eye-catching way to show off your personality. For instance, you can use your kitchen island to give your kitchen a pop of color, to display your favorite cookbooks, or even give your island a magnetic side to display your children’s artwork.

Provides casual seating

Casual seating at a kitchen island immediately makes your kitchen feel like a place you want to be. Casual seating can be great for kids to do homework or to watch their parents cook. It can also be great for friends or family joining you for dinner.

Depending on how large you want your kitchen island to be, you can fit up to six people at your island on comfortable bar stools or chairs. But even if a big island isn’t in your kitchen remodeling plans, a small island can seat at least two people.

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