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Tips for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodel

By May 7, 2021January 19th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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A new kitchen can be the perfect renovation to update your home. One of the hottest current kitchen trends is to make your space more eco-friendly. In fact, just over 25% of kitchen renovations are designed with a contemporary style that often includes an eye for going greener. Below are some ways you can design your new kitchen with eco-friendliness in mind.

Light It Up

One of the best ways to go green in your new kitchen is to choose lighting with energy efficiency in mind. If possible, opt for as much natural light as possible to cut down on energy consumption; this has the added bonus of creating a bright, airy space. However, you will need to choose some artificial lights, so choose carefully. LED lights are an ideal choice because they are much more energy-efficient than other bulbs. Additionally, dimmer switches can also cut down on energy consumption by giving you the option of only using as much light as you need.

Surfaces Matter

If you’re looking to redesign your new kitchen from the ground up, it’s important to consider the materials you are using for countertops, floors, and cabinets. Eco-friendly countertops made from recycled or repurposed materials offer an attractive alternative to wood or granite, and can also give your kitchen a unique and stylish look. The same goes for floors: here, green materials like cork go a long way toward creating a foot-friendly floor that is sustainable and chic. Your cabinet material can also make a difference, so be sure to choose wood certified as sustainable.

Less Water Waste

A great way to go green in your new kitchen is by being mindful of water consumption. Choose faucets that are low-flow, as they can significantly reduce the amount of water used to do dishes or clean produce. Another way to reduce waste is to add a water purifier to your kitchen faucet, so what comes out of the tap is fresh and contaminant-free. This also prevents you from having to drink bottled water because your sink water will always be clean, cold, and delicious.

Going green and sustainable in your kitchen is easier than ever with today’s options for eco-friendly fixtures, surfaces, and lighting. If you’re looking for inspiration for your new kitchen, choose the smartest, most efficient, and energy-saving kitchen renovations.

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