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Tips for Helping Your Family Navigate a Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project

By October 11, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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According to a Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies report, 40% of America’s 137 million homes are over 50 years old. So, if the kitchen and bathroom have been in use for that long, some of their aspects are likely outdated and showing their age. This necessitates kitchen and bath remodeling to spruce up your home and give it a new appealing appearance. Given the data from Harvard, it is not surprising that, according to PR Newswire, kitchen remodeling was the third most common renovation project in 2020. Despite the much-needed renovations, a kitchen and bath remodeling project may be difficult for your family to navigate. Here are three tips to help your family during home remodeling projects.

1. Involve Your Family in the Kitchen Remodel Planning

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, it might be easier and more convenient to talk and plan with your contractor. However, if you desire to have your family more prepared for the renovation, it is best to involve them. For example, have them suggest bathroom and kitchen ideas that will fit the needs of your family. The more your family is engaged in the process, the more prepared they will be. They’ll also understand why it is important to remodel the spaces, especially younger children.

2. Schedule Kitchen and Bath Remodels Strategically

Schedule your kitchen and bath remodeling in the least busy period. Put differently, it’s best to plan for renovation when there’s less traffic in the house. For example, you could plan for remodeling while you are on vacation. Your house doesn’t need to be empty, but you should look for the least busy periods.

3. Set Up Alternate Temporary Kitchen and Bath Areas

Your family might be disoriented by a kitchen and bath renovation. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can use it temporarily. If you do not have one, convert another room into a kitchen. Just have the essentials, such as an energy source and cooking ware. Alternatively, you could also order food. If you choose to cook, use disposables such as plastic and paper products. If you have an alternate bathroom, prepare your family to share the space.

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