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Tips for Selecting The Right Partner for Your Home Remodel

By September 26, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments6 min read

For homeowners who are approaching a major home renovation, it can be challenging to know where to begin the process. In years past, the process might have begun with hiring an architect to draft designs, then soliciting bids from general contractors to construct the project. This process became known as “design-bid-build” and some traditionalists still embrace this approach. Yet, like most industries, home remodeling has evolved. These days, homeowners have another, more efficient process to consider for their projects known as “design-build”.

This article is intended to help homeowners understand the difference between these two processes, and how partnering with a design-build remodeling firm like Tabor Design Build on your next remodeling project offers numerous advantages.

When Selecting a Remodeling Partner, Start with This Basic 5-Point Checklist

To assist you in selecting the process that’s right for you and your project, here are five points to consider when hiring your remodeling partner(s).

  1. A track record for project completion
  2. Quality craftsmanship
  3. Smart design solutions
  4. Project management 
  5. Clear communication

1. Choose a Partner with a Track Record for Completing Projects

Every homeowner’s nightmare is to engage in a remodeling project that gets started, but never gets completed. Sadly, we regularly hear from homeowners who initiated their project with the design-bid-build approach but are unable to get the work completed for a variety of reasons.

For some, their challenges stem from having designs generated, but then being unable to find a general contractor with the interest and/or availability to take on their project. For others, they learn the hard way that the designs they’ve invested thousands in cannot be constructed within their targeted budget. This can happen when the persons designing the project lack the expertise to estimate the same work accurately. Whatever the reason, homeowners faced with this situation wind up frustrated and sometimes proceed no further.

As such, a good qualifying question to ask prospective remodeling partners is what percentage of their projects go from design to construction. This will indicate how well they meet their clients needs on multiple levels.

2. Look for Quality Craftsmanship

Selecting a partner based on the quality of their work seems like a smart approach, right? But how do you define quality? Their project photos may look nice, but they don’t always tell the whole story. We suggest looking beyond the project portfolio to learn whether your remodeling partner has earned any industry awards for their work. Industry awards are often peer-reviewed, meaning that the work in question was deemed to be of exceptional quality by a panel of their peers in the industry.

3. Seek a Provider of Smart Design Solutions

Whether you decide to travel down the “design-bid-build” or “design-build” path, your project can be designed effectively to meet your needs and tastes. Yet, when the project goes into construction, there can be instances where what technically seemed feasible in the design phase, doesn’t work so well in reality. It’s not uncommon, but the questions homeowners need to ask when selecting a partner are: How will those changes be managed, by who, and at what cost? Furthermore, will there be delays associated with the related redesigns?

Being nimble enough to develop smart design solutions to those tricky instances is one of the greatest advantages of working with a design-build firm like Tabor Design Build. With in-house design capabilities, Tabor Design Build can quickly develop design solutions, without additional design fees or costly construction delays.

4. Project Management

In the old “design-bid-build” approach, the homeowner assumes the role of project manager in many regards. If you’re super organized and have sufficient time to dedicate to the process, then this could be a good fit for you. Keep in mind that your appointments for material and appliance selections will happen at locations all over town, rather than in a design-center like Tabor Design Build offers. These appointments will require a significant amount of time–much of that time spent traveling from place to place.

You should also give consideration to how your selections get translated into orders. Do you know who will be coordinating those details? With Tabor Design Build, all of those details are managed for you by our team of professionals. If you choose the design-bid-build route, then you’ll need to learn who is responsible for the ordering and scheduling, and what that may imply.

Worth noting: If you or your designer orders the materials, rather than your contractor, it could affect the contractor’s warranty on the work. Be sure to ask if this is the case.

5. Clear Communication

When you opt for the design-build approach, your entire project is managed under a single contract, from concept through construction. Because the entire process is managed by a unified team, the communication flow on goals, budgets, material selections, and construction schedules is seamless. The selection process is more efficient as well, since many of the material selections can be made from a single design center–saving you the time and hassle of traveling to multiple locations. Have you tried carrying those sample pieces from place to place? A word to the wise: They’re heavy.

Which Process is Right for Me: Design-Bid-Build or Design-Build?

If you are a traditionalist who has the desire and band width to help manage their own remodeling project, then the design-bid-build approach might be a better fit for you. But, if you’re a busy homeowner who appreciates an efficiently managed project crafted by award-winning remodeling pros, then contact Tabor Design Build to start a conversation about your next project.

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