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Top Bathroom Paint Picks for 2021

By October 15, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Nearly 85% of homes in the U.S. were constructed before 1980 and require home improvements. Do you own a beautiful, older home that has potential when it comes to remodeling? When you are considering having your home remodeled, it helps to either plan a whole home remodeling project or start with top rooms such as the bathroom. A bathroom remodel is very popular with the potential to truly change the way you look at your home.

You want to create a space that is inviting and promotes tranquility while also demanding attention. Popular paint colors for 2021 give a striking array of options to fit your personal style. Speak with home remodeling contractors for design inspiration and discuss bathroom remodeling options including picking the perfect color scheme and painting the vanity, walls, ceiling, as well as many other aspects for the bathroom.

Bold and Bright Color Palettes Add Style to Bathrooms

Vivacious Teal – Don’t shy away from bold and dramatic hues such as teal for a bathroom remodel. Chic bathroom colors start with vibrant shades that give the space a whole new look. Bright shades of teal make a brilliant statement in modern bathroom designs. Such a vivid color applied to the ceiling and walls makes artwork, backsplashes, and fixtures stand out in all of the right ways.

Radiant Copper – Metallic paints are popular for 2021. Bring copper into a bathroom remodel design for a touch of elegance that glimmers. Compliment shades of copper with neutral tones that are cohesive with the metallic color. Maryland home remodeling contractors can install cohesive floating marble countertops that complement copper paint shades to bring an interesting and remarkable texture to life.

Magnificent Magenta – Bold, beautiful, and a pop of pink, magenta shows a more dramatic feminine side. Choose an accent wall in an earthy tone to counteract the bright shade of magenta without subduing the overall tone. Bathroom renovations using a bright splash of color can truly transform your home into the luxury space you have always wanted.

Subdued Hues Provide a Sense of Calm to Bathrooms

Powder, Light, and Sky Blue – Shades of the ever-popular blue come with many different names. Regardless, the more subdued hue can liven up a space while also promoting a sense of relaxation. Lighter shades of blue are reminiscent of a dreamy sky. Use this color on walls to promote more of a spa-like atmosphere. White trim, flooring, cabinetry, and tiles are the ideal versatile touch for soft blues, as well. Would you prefer a more muted version for your bathroom remodel? A gray base gently mutes even the softest of blues for a more tranquil sense.

Refreshing Shades of Green – Whether you prefer seafoam green, light green, or mint, green crosses boundaries for contemporary style with accent colors such as white and beige that bring about a warm yet refreshing atmosphere. Have paneling painted in shades of refreshing green for a bathroom remodel that looks cheery without being stiff. Shades of green bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. The calming color is perfect for pairing with earthy tones such as sand, brown, and taupe to inspire a nature theme. Keep it light and bright with fun tones of mint or seafoam.

Pink That’s Peachy – For a more mature shade of pink, try a peachy-pink hue that’s playful while still being glamorous. Choose a focal point such as the vanity for this light yet intriguing color. A bathroom remodel that’s truly unique embraces colors that infringe on one another to create an interesting tone that’s one-of-a-kind.

Make a Statement with Bold Black

Pair black with silver for a chic bathroom atmosphere that’s daring and dramatic in 2021. Or, use mosaic tiles in shimmering silver as a backsplash for a bathroom remodel that is as intense as it is striking. An edgy ebony vaulted ceiling is ideal for large spaces where a concentration of black would be too overwhelming on the walls. Instead, highlight the ceiling and gorgeous light fixtures with a serious ink tone.

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