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We Should Have Done This Years Ago

By May 29, 2018February 6th, 2024No Comments4 min read

“The most common lament of our customers is not that their renovation cost too much or took too long”, says John Tabor, founder and CEO of Tabor Design Build in Rockville, “it is that they waited so long to actually do it.  Some of our customers get an estimate and even design their new addition, but then wait years to actually initiate the project.”

No one ever says, ”We should have put this off for longer” after their home renovation project is finished.

It seems that some folks were uncertain to part with their hard-earned dollars in a slowly recovering economy.  Now, rising home prices, low interest rates, a shortage of affordable housing, and an overall increased confidence in the economy, have resulted in a recent boom in whole house remodeling and renovation.  According to recent statistics, Americans are spending a record amount of money on kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, and man-cave building.

Findings reported by Houzz in their “Overview of U.S. Renovation in 2018,” found that half of the homeowners surveyed were reluctant to move and were investing in remodeling their existing home instead.  In the aftermath of the housing crisis, homeowners have decided that they would rather fix up and enjoy what they have, rather than take on the increased debt of a new home purchase that they might later regret.

Surveys over the past few years have been consistent with the Houzz findings –reporting upward trends in whole home renovation and remodeling projects, but the pace has accelerated noticeably in the past year.  A BankRate Money Pulse survey conducted last March reported that nearly a third of homeowners are planning a custom home renovation sometime in the next year.

BEFORE                        AFTER


    It is important to ensure that the addition design fits with the overall design of the house as well as with the other homes in the neighborhood.  You do not want your new addition to stick out like a sore thumb.  Adding more on to an existing home is a good idea for people who wish to remain in their home or their neighborhood for whatever reason –good school district, close to work, low mortgage payment, etc. 

The Benefits Often Outweigh the Costs

Building a custom addition should increase the value of your home significantly when it is built correctly.  Typically, when people decide to add on to their home, they are doing it for some other reason than to gain resale value.  For families that have grown out of a smaller house, and generally love their home or their neighborhood, building an addition can make more sense than moving, and is typically much more affordable.  With telecommuting on the rise, other people suddenly find that they are working more from the comfort of their homes, and need a work space in addition to living space.  Still others are entertaining more and simply desire larger more open areas, where friends and family can gather without feeling crowded and cramped.


     Adding a screened porch to your home has a high likelihood for recouping the expense when you sell your home.

Best of all, a new home addition is a total reflection of your personal style and tastes –limited only by budget, space, and imagination.  Working with the Tabor design team, you are able to narrow down choices and options.  “Using our virtual design software, we can easily configure literally dozens of design options,” explains Tabor, “all the way down to choosing fixtures, paint colors and furniture.  Prospective clients are able to see what their new home addition will look like, both from the inside and from the outside, before the first nail is ever driven.”

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