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What Are the Most Popular Minor Home Renovations?

By December 22, 2021January 17th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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Home remodeling projects don’t have to be enormous. In fact, there are many simple renovation ideas that can transform your home. If you’re looking for minor home remodeling projects that you can do on a quick timeline, consider these four popular options.

Screen in Your Porch

Do you have a porch that is open to the elements? While this can be a very comfortable option, screens can give you fresh air without all the bugs. By screening in your porch, you’ll make it usable during the fall and winter as well as the spring and summer. You’ll also be able to furnish it a little more without so much exposure to the elements.

Freshen up a Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great place to add color and personality to your home. So, if you want to do some simple home remodeling, change out the backsplashes on your sinks and stove. Take time to make sure that the colors you choose go well with the countertops. Whether you’re looking for a seamless blending of colors or an eye-catching contrast, changing out the backsplash can transform the room.

Paint a Room

In 2020, painting a room was the most common home remodeling project. Painting is quick and easy, yet it completely changes the room. Color can determine how large a room appears, or how inviting it is. If you’re trying to change the feel of a single room, painting it can do the trick.

Add a Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. There are moveable islands available in furniture stores that you can set in the center of the kitchen without having to worry installation. Find one that fits the feel of the room and is practical enough to provide additional storage and cooking space. By adding it to your kitchen, you can make it more functional and include some personality.

Home remodeling can be as simple as adding a new piece of furniture or painting a room. Minor renovations are a great way to change things, either in between major projects or instead of them. So, if you want something new, but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider trying one of these suggestions.

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