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4 Top Tips to Remember During Kitchen Remodels

By November 20, 2019No Comments4 min read

Statistics state that 85% of the nation’s homes call for home remodeling projects. This is largely due to the fact that many U.S. homes were built prior to 1980.

A critical area in home remodels is the kitchen. Given that this is the space where the family’s food is prepared, it needs to be in top condition.

Kitchen remodels should result in a space where proper sanitation is easy to maintain. The final result should unveil a kitchen that provides comfort and convenience. Not only should potential accidents and health hazards be mitigated, but the remodeled kitchen should be transformed into a room where everyone loves to gather.

With these needs in mind, here are the top four factors you should keep in mind during the type of kitchen remodeling Maryland homeowners want to see.

1) Know What You Want

Things will be easier for you and the remodeling professional if you have a clue as to the design you would want for your kitchen. It will also save time, and you will be more satisfied with the results.

Do your homework and research on the various kitchen designs available to you. Which features would you want to be included? What kind of flooring meets your taste, which colors appeal to your eye, and what lighting would you want them to use? Use magazines and online resources to get some great ideas on kitchen remodels.

However, don’t get worked up about getting every detail figured out. A professional will help you out with picking quality materials and products.

2) Make a Decision on Additions

If you are seeking to do some kitchen remodel work, you are probably keen on getting additional space.

You can add space to your kitchen by requesting an addition renovation. It will involve knocking down the walls to build a bigger kitchen. Alternatively, merge your kitchen with smaller rooms such as the laundry room.

If you are working on a tight budget, an experienced professional in kitchen remodels can reconfigure your kitchen to make it feel larger without the extra cost of enlarging the room.

3) Choose your Cabinetry

Investing in better cabinetry can also help you create additional storage space and decongest the kitchen. Like other aspects of the kitchen, there are significant decisions you need to make about the type cabinetry that will be in your kitchen.

There are three styles of cabinetry that are commonly used in kitchen remodels:

Traditional cabinetry
These types of cabinetry tend to have a more formal appearance. They come in simple designs that create warmth while giving a touch of style. They are handmade from wood, such as cherry.

Modern kitchen cabinets
Modern cabinet designs are available for people who prefer to have a little more variation added to their kitchen. Unlike traditional cabinets, these cabinets come in a combination of wood, glass, metal, and other materials. They provide a trendy look.

Contemporary cabinets
Contemporary cabinets are an ideal solution for homeowners who seek modern cabinet designs with a touch of traditional style.

4) Open Up About Special Needs

You should ensure that all the home residents’ needs are covered in the new kitchen.

The upper cabinets and counters should be able to accommodate the shortest people in your house, including teenagers who are old enough to cook. But it should be high enough to prevent small children from reaching dangerous items such as knives.

If someone in your home uses a wheelchair or is physically impaired in any other way, ensure their needs are met as well. A professional designer with experience in kitchen remodels will achieve the desired result by adding features such as suitable handles and non-slip surfaces.

If there is usually more than one cook working in the kitchen at a go, ensure that there is enough working space to accommodate them.

In a nutshell, kitchen remodels should not be taken lightly. They need to be done right the first time to ensure added value and satisfaction. A custom kitchen remodel should meet your design taste in detail, such as lighting, colors, fixtures, and finishing. It should also meet the unique needs of the house’s residents while creating additional space.

To get satisfactory results, contact a professional and reliable company that deals in remodels such as Tabor.

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