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A Hard Lesson in Home Remodeling

By October 30, 2019No Comments3 min read

After acquiring their 1940’s bungalow, these homeowners wanted to expand their living space by adding a second story. They contacted several local contractors for estimates, including Tabor Design Build. While comparing prices is always important when deciding which company to choose, comparing credentials is even more important.

The homeowners decided to go with the lowest bid – a contractor who had recently started his own business agreed to remodel the kitchen, build a second story addition, plus throw in a bathroom remodel for far less than the other estimates. The homeowners thought they had stumbled upon a great deal – getting their dream home for less than half of the going rate!

Fast forward almost two years, Tabor Design Build got a call from the homeowners. The project had been dragging on for over a year and their house was torn apart – inside and out. And worst of all, the contractor demanded more money in order to “complete the job”. When they refused, the contractor walked off the job. Desperate for a solution, the homeowners discussed their options with the Tabor team – including the possibility of selling the house “as is” and finding a new home.

The contractor left them without a working kitchen.

After painfully reviewing their options, the homeowners decided to hire Tabor Design Build to undo the damage and complete the project they so desperately desired. Before the Tabor team could begin rebuilding, they had to tear out most of work that had been completed by the former contractor during the prior 13 months. The Tabor team concluded that much of the work did not comply with code. Some scary examples include the water heater that was venting carbon monoxide into the house, and the electrical wiring that was deemed so dangerous that the Tabor team had to rewire every inch of wiring from the meter on. After removing the foam insulation, it was discovered that most of the structural framing was connected incorrectly. It was a wonder that the house was standing at all because most of the structural posts needed to support the new second floor and roof were missing.

Within four months, the time that Tabor had projected to complete the project, the homeowners watched the astonishing transformation of their home. As might be expected, they were brimming with joy upon moving back into their newly renovated “forever home” and began entertaining within days. Another HAPPY ENDING, thanks to TABOR DESIGN BUILD.

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