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5 Must-Have Modern Kitchen Conveniences

By February 9, 2022January 17th, 2024No Comments3 min read
kitchen with archway

Your remodeled kitchen should not only look great, but also make your life easier.

What would make your kitchen great? The Tabor team of design-build professionals listens carefully to your needs and wants to suggest creative solutions to your most pressing culinary problems — including the latest in smart kitchen technology.

Here are five kitchen conveniences to consider for your Rockville remodel:

Stand Mixer Lift

stand mixer lift

For baking enthusiasts, stand mixers are a necessary — but cumbersome — kitchen appliance. Quality mixers are very heavy and take up lots of counter or cabinet space. To make life easier, homeowners should consider in-cabinet stand mixer lifts in their kitchen updates. This way, mixers can be easily accessed when it’s time to make your favorite cookies, and neatly tucked away when you’re done.

Pullout Spice Drawer

pull out spice drawers

Searching for spices can take the fun out of cooking. With a pullout spice drawer, all your seasonings are visible, organized, and easily accessible. Of course, the location of your spices is also important to consider. Find a spot near the oven or cooktop for maximum efficiency.

Smart Refrigerator

smart refridgerator

Smart refrigerators with high-tech touchscreens let you catch up on your favorite show, control your home’s smart devices, and even see what’s inside without opening the door. They can also send a grocery list straight to your phone, look up recipes, and more.

Toe Kick Vacuum

toe kick vaccum

Kick dirt away (and your dustpan to the curb) with a toe kick vacuum! No more dirt lines or backaches from constantly bending over — these vacuums are built right into your cabinets, and will suck up all the crumbs, dirt, or dust with a tap of your toe. When the reusable bag fills up, an indicator light will tell you it’s time to empty it.

Cutting-Edge Faucet

cutting edge faucet

Let’s face it — cooking is messy. Luckily, you can get your hands dirty and still keep your faucet clean with touch or voice-controlled faucets. Going green? Some high-tech faucets are even programmable, allowing you to fill up the dog bowl, coffee pot, or your favorite water bottle without wasting a drop.

Excited to get started? We’re happy to help. Contact us, and you’ll be on your way to a smarter kitchen.

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