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5 Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

By January 18, 2021January 19th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Are you happy with your kitchen? Or do you look at it and sigh while noting issues you’d like to change? Has your happy place turned into a room you don’t even want to enter, let alone cook in? The kitchen is the heart of a home. Your kitchen should be a joyful place where friends and family gather to relax and connect in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. When your kitchen isn’t a room you love, it’s time to consider a custom kitchen remodel.

It’s simply life-changing when you decide to have your kitchen remodeled. Use these top five signs that you should embark on a custom kitchen remodel to determine if it’s time for you to work with a design build firm to renovate your kitchen.

1. You Don’t Have Enough Prep and Storage Space

Nothing’s worse than not having enough prep room or storage. Many kitchens lack enough cabinet and counter space. Too many times the space that is there is poorly laid out. It’s nice to know that square-footage, or the lack of, is not the actual problem. No matter how much space you have, the space may not be designed to offer organized storage for small appliances and cooking gear. A carefully redesigned custom kitchen remodel plan can change those issues for you.

2. It’s Time to Replace Older Appliances

Kitchen appliances are only meant to function for a certain amount of time. If your appliances are older, they may function but they could become dangerous as well as consume too much energy. Transform the entire look of your kitchen to a more sleek and modern style by replacing appliances with new energy-efficient appliances that use cutting-edge technology. Exploring your options with a design-build firm ensures you get the best quality appliances that work with your desired layout changes for your new kitchen.

3. Your Kitchen Design Is Haphazard

Does your kitchen lack flow? Is it in need of dramatic kitchen remodeling? When there is no flow, a kitchen doesn’t allow users to move efficiently or freely. Older kitchens were designed with outdated needs in mind and often don’t fit a modern homeowner’s needs as well as they could. Esteemed design-build firms ask many questions concerning kitchen remodels to ensure they land on a design that will suit your lifestyle. How do you want to use the kitchen? How many people will be cooking at once? What is lacking in the current layout?

A well-designed kitchen layout is an essential part of a home renovation that affords benefits you will feel immediately. What was once a cluttered kitchen can be transformed into a free-flowing masterpiece that puts the joy back in cooking. You’ll also enjoy the visible elements, such as new fixtures and attractive surfaces all in your choice of materials.

4. You Can’t Stand Your Kitchen

Aesthetics matter. If you look at your kitchen and deem it ugly, you aren’t going to want to use it and won’t be happy in the room. It’s time for a custom kitchen remodel. Elevate your kitchen from workspace to showplace. While over 25% of kitchen remodels have been designed using a contemporary style, your unique style will still be reflected in a kitchen renovation that is as thoughtful as it is attractive. The design-build team you hire will do their best to use your ideas to create the gourmet kitchen you’ve always wanted.

5. Your Kitchen Lighting Is Awful

One element of a kitchen that shouldn’t be forgotten is lighting. A kitchen remodel can make a big difference when lighting is included to make the space usable. A beautifully designed custom kitchen remodel plan should include in-ceiling lighting, under-cabinet lights, as well as statement pendants that make a kitchen functional and much more attractive.

If you’re spotting these signs in your own kitchen, it’s time to contact a design-build firm and get started on a custom kitchen remodel. Call Tabor Design Build today to learn about how we can transform your kitchen into a beautiful, useful space for you and your family.

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