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Renovating Your Whole-Home vs. Room-by-Room: Why Whole Home Wins Out

By January 12, 2021January 19th, 2024No Comments3 min read

Do you look at your home and envision changes that would make it more luxurious and comfortable? You’re not alone. Per the Leading Index for Remodeling Activity, home improvement spending is happening nationwide at almost 6% annually.

When you can look at your home and only see how you want it to become better, you are ready for home remodeling. However, should your focus be on room-by-room remodeling or a whole-home remodeling project? While there is much to consider, entire home remodeling offers more benefits. The top benefit is improving your quality of life.

Work with a Design-Build Firm

A home remodeling project requires the services of a design-build firm. They will take your ideas and create a clean design focused on developing a living space that’s perfect for your family and you, well into the future. This type of future planning includes designs that keep kids in mind as well as planning for specific areas such as the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms with easy access for aging relatives. Remodeling your home in this manner ensures you get the most out of the new design.

A Whole-Home Remodeling Project Affords Cohesive Design

Cohesive design is a top benefit for a complete home remodeling project. Having a consistent design throughout your home ensures elements including textures, colors, styles, and fabrics all harmonize together from room to room. A cohesive look gives the entirety of a home better flow.

A whole-home remodeling project with designs being created for all of the rooms before construction begins allows for fabrics and products to be available for the entire project. There are fewer obstacles when everything can be ordered and services rendered at once rather than months or years later when it may be more of a challenge to get matching materials.

Gain Peace of Mind with a Complete Home Renovation

Can you imagine going through remodeling projects that span months, if not years? That’s exactly what you can expect if you choose to renovate your home room by room instead of undertaking a full home renovation. There is no peace of mind. Not like the peace of mind you will achieve when your entire home flows better physically.

You will be able to enjoy a “complete” home that invites you to relax and enjoy the remodeled space. Having your whole home remodeled at once is more convenient without sacrificing the quality and luxury you crave. Home remodeling projects do not have to be difficult. Use the services of esteemed design-build firms, such as Tabor Design Build, that emphasize design and build aspects as unified extensions of one another.

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