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7 Benefits of Renovating Your Residential Property

By January 14, 2020No Comments4 min read

residential renovations

Current statistics indicate that most of the American homes, 85%, were built before 1980 and are in dire need of renovations. However, many people continue to live in these homes comfortably without seeing any need for residential renovations. If you are one of the people living in a residential property that was built before 1980, here are some of the reasons why you need to consider residential renovations.

1. Increased Home Value

One of the benefits of residential renovations is that it increases the value of your property. By adjusting the sizes of your rooms, adding modern construction materials like gypsum ceiling and repainting will increase the value of your property. This may not make sense to those families that are not willing to sell their property. However, you never know what decision you will make tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to increase the value of your home so that you can reap some extra dollars when reselling.

2. Increased Living Space

When you were buying your home, maybe the children were not born or they were still young, and they were spending the night in your bedroom. However, they are now grown up. Some of them need their privacy. It is also becoming a challenge for all the family members to fit in your living room. Residential renovations have, for many years, been known to increase living space. You can extend walls and create extra rooms where each person will get his privacy.

3. Added Comfort

You can incorporate residential renovations in your property as a way of adding comfort in your property. Home additions such as wooden floors, gypsum ceiling, and kitchen cabinets enhance the comfort of your property. Home remodeling may also bring about new insulations in your residential property, which will prevent cold air and dust from entering your living or bedroom. Luxury home additions will increase the comfort of your property, and you will enjoy living there than before.

4. Home Customization

Residential renovations allow you to personalize your home the way you choose. Trends change every year. Your tastes and preferences also change with time and before you know it, your home may be out of date or no longer attractive to you. Home remodeling is essential in ensuring that your home portrays your personality and your character. For example, you can remodel your kitchen to serve as your dining area. It all depends on how you want your home to look.

5. Reduce Energy Expenses

If your residential property was built before 1980, you are experiencing significant energy inefficiencies. Most of the materials used for construction had very little or no insulation properties. Additionally, the electrical cables you have been using to transmit electrical energy within the room are of very high resistance levels. Residential renovations will help you to reduce energy expenses by replacing your electricity transmission wires. You can replace some walls with modern walling materials that have insulation properties.

6. Reduce Repair and Maintenance Expenses

Homeowners are always complaining about the increased cost of repair and replacement. Every time you call a handyman, you will be forced to part with a few dollars. It gets tough if you have to buy something for replacement purposes. You can reduce repair and maintenance expenses by having your home renovated regularly. Homeowners who keep on renovating their homes hardly repair or maintain their properties.

7. Modernize Your Home

Over the last few years, almost everything in residential properties has become modernized. People are moving from traditional analog to smart homes with smart locks, smart vacuum cleaners, and energy-efficient homes. All these innovations have made residential properties cheap to manage, safe, and attractive places for humans. You don’t have to stay in an old home when all the modern features are available.

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