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Case Study

Alexandria Pool Deck

By April 9, 2024No Comments6 min read
pool deck with umbrellas from rear

Upon meeting with the Alexandria, VA homeowners, the wife expressed that she loved to swim. In fact, she wished to swim every day to maintain her health and she wanted her home to have a pool. We proposed an endless pool, so she would be able to swim endlessly in a small amount of space, and it can be heated quite efficiently, allowing her to swim in all seasons.

Client Requirements:

The homeowners loved the idea of installing an endless pool. Our initial thought was to build an enclosed side addition and use this as an indoor pool room. Unfortunately, due to zoning requirements, we only had about five feet on either side of the house, ruling out a side addition. That left the backyard. This presented a problem, however. The homeowners were adamant about not losing their backyard and deck. They entertained frequently on the back deck and also in their beautifully landscaped backyard. For those reasons, the idea of building an addition was taken off the table.

Design Process:

Our solution was to extend the deck to accommodate an outdoor pool, which would also allow for ample outdoor entertaining during three seasons. Because the homeowner wanted to swim in all four seasons, we knew we would have to think of a way to keep her warm enough in winter, when outdoor temps can get down into the teens. The electric heater that comes with the endless pool would have been sufficient to heat the pool, but their electric bill would have skyrocketed. Because of this, we decided to add a gas heater in addition to the standard electric heater. The automatic pool cover would also seal in the heat when not in use. We demolished the existing deck and built a new deck to accommodate the pool and a spacious entertainment area.

Key Transformations:

Innovative Materials Used

● Endless Pool -partially in-ground performance modular swim spa
● Automatic retractable security cover
● Natural gas heater
● Harbor Grey Wolf Serenity Decking
● White Timbertech rails with black aluminum balusters
● Azek LED post caps and riser lights

Lighting and Safety
Since the homeowners chose to have an illuminated rail around the deck, as well as lighting in the three sets of steps leading down to the backyard, the size and design of the deck was driven by safety requirements specifying how far all electrical elements had to be from the pool to remove the possibility that a swimmer would inadvertently reach out of the pool and come in contact with potentially exposed electrical wiring. The railing had to extend at least five feet beyond the pool edge to avoid the potential electrocution of swimmers and ensure safety.

Endless Pool Innovation
An endless pool was the perfect innovation for meeting this client’s needs, given they had limited space that could not accommodate a larger pool. The beauty of the endless pool is their high-volume propeller systems that create their own swim currents so that the swimmer can literally swim forever while staying in the same place. The speed of the current is fully adjustable so that swimmers have total control over their swimming sessions. The standard heater, plus the additional gas heater, allows the client to swim every day, all year long, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Enhanced Structural Functionality
Extending the deck area allowed the clients to entertain a larger group of people. The installation of the gas heater allowed for swimming year-round. To enhance traffic flow onto and off the deck, three sets of stairs were built in different locations, each with riser lights.

Enhanced Aesthetics
A flagstone walkway was built, connecting the driveway in the front of the house with the deck and pool at the rear of the house. The walkway continues around the entire deck from the steps on the left side to a matching set of steps on the far-right side of the deck. A rock garden was created using local river rock. Contrasting custom skirting was installed underneath the deck rather than vinyl lattice.

Superior Craftsmanship
To hide the unsightly hydraulic pump and electrical equipment that goes along with an endless pool, we built a concrete and cinder block vault under the deck to house this equipment. The hatch door is nearly invisible, seamlessly built into the decking.

Client Satisfaction:

The client was delighted with the finished product. Not only do they have a new and expanded outdoor deck for entertaining their guests, but incorporated into the design is a workout spa for staying fit and healthy throughout the year. This space is framed by a serene backyard landscape of resplendent greenery and sun-dappled expanses. This scene invites guests to savor the outdoors and relax in this exquisite little piece of paradise.

To summarize, the Alexandria Pool Deck renovation exemplifies the effectiveness of teamwork, inventive design, and responsiveness to client preferences in crafting environments that surpass anticipations, thereby elevating their overall living experience. Further details regarding this exciting project can be found on our website here.

pool deck with umbrellas

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