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Five Benefits of Home Addition Renovations

By March 19, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Home additions are a great way to remodel your home. You have an opportunity to expand your space while considering amenities that you’ve been dreaming of. Home addition renovations positively transform your home, making it more comfortable and welcoming.

More Americans are taking advantage of home additions in their remodeling designs. From increasing their living spaces to crafting their home offices, luxury home additions provide a good return on investment. Here are some other benefits.

Enough Room for Everyone

Have your teenage kids outgrown their room and find it challenging to live together? Are you tired of hearing them bicker at each other every night? Home addition options may help bring peace to your home. Addition renovations create more floor space on your property, helping to accommodate everyone. Home additions can provide an option to create an extra bedroom with an ensuite bathroom for your aging parent or perhaps overnight guests.

Take a moment and consider this:

  • Twenty three percent of millennials move back in with their parents after college in what is known as a ‘boomerang’ effect.
  • Seventy-nine million adults in the U.S. live in shared households, with the larger percentage being parents who moved back in with their adult child.
  • The American Institute Of Architects reports a 39% increase in demand for home renovation projects to accommodate the elderly to age-in-place.

Improve Utility of Existing Spaces

Addition remodeling increases the functionality of the rooms you currently have. The renovations may include customization of existing living areas to create larger and more comfortable spaces. Home addition remodeling also gives you the chance to remodel your kitchen to meet your current needs.

Create specialized spaces

Home remodeling can make living areas more accessible and accommodating. One of the ways you can maximize on home additions is by creating dedicated rooms and amenities. Are you in need of a children’s playroom? Or perhaps you just need a home gym area that doubles as a sunroom. Additions will help you organize your home and bring in new amenities.

Alternative to Moving

Most people who have outgrown their home tend to think of relocation. However, moving doesn’t always turn out to be a smart idea. The hassle and stress that comes with home relocation are emotionally draining. From listing your house to conducting the necessary repairs and liaising with real estate agents. Remember, at this point, you have not yet considered the actual moving and settling into a new home and unfamiliar community. Home additions provide a chance to preserve your memories while creating the dream home that you have always desired.

Added Value to Your Home

Utilizing the unused space on your property to accommodate a home addition may increase the value of your house. The ample floor space may be attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your house. And, the additional rooms are a potential passive source of income when rented out. You can maximize your space and collect rent at the end of every month.

In Conclusion

Home additions have proven time and again to be a worthy investment in home remodeling. You enjoy a vast floor space as well as an increase in value and comfort of your home. You can use addition renovations to transform your current residence into a dream home.

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