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The Top Five Reasons You Need to Consider a Kitchen Remodel

By February 17, 2020January 30th, 2024No Comments4 min read

Is your kitchen outdated and uncomfortable? Over half of all occupied homes were built before 1980, with nearly 38% being built before 1970. While older homes can have a unique charm, old linoleum floors and peeling cabinets are something that no homeowner wants to show off to family and friends.

Kitchen remodels can have many benefits, and are certainly something to consider if you’re unhappy with your current configuration. If you’ve been thinking about a custom kitchen remodel, here are the most common benefits you can expect.

1. A New Kitchen to Fit Your Style

If your pea-green linoleum floor just isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to update your kitchen to match your personal style. Because we spend so much time in our kitchens, it’s important that we enjoy the space and aren’t afraid to show it off to guests. Kitchen remodels can take your old kitchen and completely transform it from a space you’d rather avoid to a space you won’t want to leave.

2. Improving Function

Old kitchens are often smaller and more awkward than modern designs, and can make cooking and navigating a nightmare in the 21st century. Kitchen remodels are often used to open up spaces and change layouts to ensure that functionality becomes a key feature. Can’t open the refrigerator if that pesky side draw is open? Don’t have enough usable counter space for cooking? Work with a kitchen remodeling expert to design a layout that works best for your needs.

3. Energy Saving

Another reason for kitchen remodels is to replace old appliances that use too much energy and water. Old ovens, microwaves, stoves, and dishwashers can use a tremendous amount of energy and send bills skyrocketing if used too much. While they might still be in relatively good condition, swapping them out for more energy-efficient versions can not only modernize your space but save you hundreds each year!

4. Meeting Your Needs

Families with multiple growing children will often require more space than a family of two. This means updating the kitchen to ensure there is ample counter space, seating, storage, and pantry space. Consider how you most use — or want to use — your kitchen. Consider what additions would help make cooking more enjoyable and efficient for both you and your family.

5. Boosting Resale Value

You may not be considering selling your home in the near future; however, 20 years from now you never know what your needs will be. Kitchen remodels have the ability to add nearly 90% of costs to a home’s value. While the exact percentage will depend on where you live and the overall climate of the market, this benefit is something to seriously consider. Especially if you take into account the added possibility for landing a quicker sale.

If you’re tired of your old outdated kitchen, it could be time for a remodel. However, don’t just pick up a sledgehammer and jump into demo day. Nearly one out of every 12 consumers say they’ve ‘caused damage’ to their homes as a result of attempting to do the project on their own, and one in 16 reports causing themselves bodily harm. Kitchen remodels are best left to the professionals to ensure that you get the dream result that you want without the risk of damaging your home or yourself.

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