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How Can a Design Build Firm Help Select Paint for Your Home Addition?

By July 13, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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There are many things to consider when painting your new home addition. Maybe you are stuck on the color, or maybe you don’t know how to manage your budget. Picking the right paint will result in a great return on investment! Painting was the number one most common home improvement project in 2020 according to House Methods. With new home build projects on the rise, keep reading to learn more about how a design build firm will help you select the right paint.

They’ll Work With Your Palette

You can discuss your current color palette with your contractor to help you settle on a color. With all their experience in different homes over the years, they know which colors compliment each other. You can provide paint swatches, images, and describe your vision, and the design build firm will help bring it to life. With a high level of communication, you’re bound to love the results of your new paint.

They’ll Help You Choose a Cost-Effective Option

While you might want a specific color, some are more expensive than others. Some brands have thicker paints that will last longer, but those might make you go over budget. While these paints can be a good investment, that’s only if you don’t plan on re-painting. Talk to your design build firm partner about the options out there for interior paint. You can also start this discussion early in the process if the paint color is a priority to you. That way, you’ll leave ample room in your budget for the end of the project.

They’ll Share Expertise

Whether you need a living room, a bedroom, or a kitchen painted, a design build firm like Tabor Design Build has done it! Our experience providing interior design advice is perfect for when you’re unsure of which paint color to pick. They’ll recommend high-quality paints that fit your budget and match your aesthetic.

Your home addition may seem overwhelming, but the right design build firm will set you on the right track. Whether it’s about the paint or the tile, no issue is too small to ask us about! If you want to get the best results for your home addition paint job in Rockville, Maryland, get in touch with us today.

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