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Why Luxury Home Additions Are on the Rise in 2022

By August 17, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments3 min read
bathroom with green walls

In 2022, there has been an increase in luxury home additions due to the relocation of consumers to new communities across the United States following the pandemic. This increased purchases of second homes and the trend of enhancing your home with the intention of spending more time there. According to Kitchen Infinity, there was an 8.5% increase in revenue in 2021 for home improvements. Here are a few more reasons that luxury home additions are on the rise in 2022.

Luxury Kitchen Designs

With families spending more time at home, they are building larger kitchens with more storage space, room to prepare and cook food, and space to eat comfortably. Double kitchen islands provide space for you to cook, prepare meals, or as a workspace. Families are building larger pantries and installing more storage space. Homeowners who entertain frequently are installing a second kitchen or prep kitchen. Kitchen designs in luxury homes incorporate smart technology, energy-saving appliances, natural lighting, and custom-designed cabinets.

Bathroom Design Trends

Luxury bathrooms and bathroom remodeling are on the rise in 2022. Homeowners install freestanding bathtubs and sinks, heated floors, waterfall and rain showers, water-saving toilets and faucets, plants, art, and storage space. Open concept bathrooms without walls are a popular trend with luxury additions. Adding a bench or place to sit in open showers adds a level of comfort for users. Smoked glass is used to add privacy to your daily use of the shower and tub area. Hot tubs and whirlpool tub installations that add a spa-like atmosphere to the bathroom are on the rise. With ceramic tiles available in many different colors and patterns, more consumers are using tiles on the walls and in shower areas.

Second Story Additions Demand Has Increased

Second-story additions to luxury homes have increased because when you add these, you don’t lose your outdoor space. A second-story addition will undoubtedly add value to your home. Homeowners are focusing on sustainable materials in buildings, adding solar panels to the roof, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This gives you more space without having to relocate or buy another home. Many luxury homes are adding second-story luxury home additions with master bedrooms, baths, and even kitchens.

These are some types of luxury home additions you may want to consider in 2022 for your home. We design and build kitchens, bathrooms, home additions, pools, sunrooms, basements, and more. Contact Tabor Design Build today to learn more about what we can do for you and your family.

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