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How to Improve the Function of Your Kitchen With a Remodel

By December 13, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments3 min read
kitchen with marble island

According to Remodeling Magazine, a high-end renovation can sometimes have a lower payoff than an average kitchen remodel for a homeowner. As a result, an average kitchen remodel can be a great asset for homeowners in Rockville due to the functionality and practicality that the renovation can add to a home. Three ways to improve the function of your kitchen space include installing extra counter space, adding storage compartments, and upgrading to sliding doors! Let’s take a closer look at these improvements.

Install Extra Counter Space

If your kitchen allows the room, then installing extra counter space can make tasks seem less cluttered and disorganized. Installing a kitchen island could be a great solution to adding extra counter space. Kitchen islands not only give you extra counter space for cooking, but they can also create additional cabinetry storage, an eating area, and a space to complete general work in the household.

Add Storage Compartments

The key to storage in a kitchen space is using compartments where items are out of the way while being easily accessible. Adding these different storage compartments during your remodel creates a functional and convenient area to complete your kitchen tasks.

Pull-out trash cans, floating wall shelves, tilt-out trays, and under-counter refrigerator/microwave space are functional storage compartment examples. All these storage areas are great for keeping kitchen supplies or appliances in places that are out of the way but accessible.

Upgrade to Sliding Doors

Limited kitchen space plays a role in the functionality of the room. Average swinging doors need space to open in a kitchen area. On the contrary, sliding doors don’t need this extra room to function due to the doors sliding open on the edge of the walls.

With this fact considered, sliding doors are a great addition to kitchen remodels to alleviate this restricted space. Sliding doors can be placed on both kitchen and pantry entryways to add new levels of functionality and privacy.

A kitchen remodel is an optimal opportunity to improve the functionality of your space in Rockville, Maryland. Finding remodeling projects that best fit your needs and lifestyle is essential. Start today on your remodel and watch your kitchen transform by giving us a call!

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