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Multigenerational Home Remodels for Rockville

By December 16, 2022January 15th, 2024No Comments4 min read
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Is your house about to get more crowded? Are you considering the benefits that would come from having your family members join your household and live on your property? From aging parents looking to downsize to adult children returning back home to save on expenses, there are plenty of reasons why multigenerational living is becoming more common.

If this scenario is the right fit for your family, you’re probably exploring options for adding more square footage to make it comfortably happen. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to explore.

What is an ADU?

Have you heard the term ADU and wondered what the buzz was all about? An ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. It’s a pretty general term to describe a vast array of options for adding a secondary housing space onto a single family home’s property (either inside or out). An ADU is different from just offering a family member a guest bedroom because they offer the perk of supplying everything the new resident(s) will need to live independently, including a self-contained bathroom and kitchen. ADUs allow everyone to live independently, so you won’t feel cramped or crowded and won’t need to share your living space with extended family. Essentially, an ADU offers the best of both worlds – having your loved ones nearby, but not too close for comfort.

What’s best for your needs?

While many people think of an ADU as a stand-alone unit, such as a tiny house that’s placed in a backyard, that’s just one type to consider. There are a variety of ADU options to consider, including:

  • Detached New Construction
  • A Converted Garage
  • An Addition, such as a carriage house, built above a garage
  • Bump-Out Additions to the main property
  • Basement Conversion

As you can see, there are many ways to add living space onto a property. Your specific property will inform your direction. Maybe you have an unused wing of your home that could be converted to a self-contained living space. Or, perhaps your backyard is big enough to comfortably fit a stand-alone unit. Wherever you choose to add in an ADU, the space should always include:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Comfortable living space
  • Private entrance
  • Electricity and HVAC
  • Water and sewer lines (sharing these with the main home is easiest)
  • The minimum square footage to meet your specific region’s requirements

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start. Having helped many families create a multigenerational space, our team at Tabor Design Build is happy to guide you through all of the essentials.

An ADU for Aging Parents

Our team recently completed a basement remodel that allowed one Rockville, Maryland family to create a private in-law suite in this under-used space. This included adding a new hall closet and full kitchen while remodeling and expanding an existing bathroom. While basements can be notorious for their lack of light, we made sure this space felt bright, cheerful and spacious, with the addition of a larger window for the bedroom and double-patio doors. Here, senior residents can safely go in and out of the house, without ever having to encounter climbing up and down stairs.

ADU vs. Home Addition

Constructing a new stand-alone ADU home can be one option. However, it’s also a good idea to compare costs and the complexity of building a stand-alone unit versus expanding with a home addition. It may be more cost-effective to construct a bump-out to your primary home, which can house an in-law suite or something similar.

ADUs in Rockville, Maryland 

There are many benefits to a multigenerational space. You’ll have the benefit of living with your loved ones close by, enhancing the bonds and time spent together. It can also give aging parents the opportunity to age in place, rather than dealing with the complexities of moving to a retirement home. It can also bring new value to your home if you eventually sell and relocate. The Tabor Design Build team can help you create the space that’s perfect for your home and family. Reach out to our team to start the process and explore your options.

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