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What Are the Top Kitchen Trends to Expect in 2022?

By October 7, 2021January 17th, 2024No Comments3 min read
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It’s time to break down our favorite kitchen trends for 2022. Many homeowners chose to renovate their kitchens in 2021, and that trend is likely to continue next year! We will discuss trends, popular colors, eco-friendly materials, and energy-saving appliances.

Minimalism and High Tech

One trend is minimalism in the kitchen. These kitchens emphasize storage to hold more and appliances that are built-in or fit into small spaces. Minimal kitchens have less clutter and more organization. They use designs and colors that are simple. When you dislike clutter, the minimalistic style of decorating will give you room to enjoy your kitchen. Appliances are high-tech and save energy and time when you cook. Energy Star appliances are rated as superior for saving energy and time. These are some kitchen remodeling trends in 2022

Eco-Friendly Materials

You will find that kitchens use more eco-friendly materials in construction. Many homeowners select eco-friendly materials in the kitchen that can be recycled or reused. Wood cabinets made of maple, oak, and cherry are popular choices. Sustainable counters made of quartz or stone are durable and last for years. Often, floors are made of bamboo, tile, or other sustainable materials.

Trending Colors in 2022

Gray is a popular color for kitchen remodeling and is a neutral that looks great in any hue. It can be combined with a brighter color for an effective pop in your kitchen. A white kitchen also looks clean and less cluttered. This color will always be popular and is often combined with something brighter for an attractive look. Black is another popular color that looks good when combined with a lighter color. Black appliances, countertops, or backsplashes add a clean look to your kitchen. Sage green and other warm greens are other popular choices for kitchen walls or cabinets. Painted cabinets can add style to the kitchen.

Energy-Saving Smart Appliances

Look for energy-efficient appliances by looking for an Energy Star label. These appliances will use fewer resources. The dishwashers have energy-saving features where you will use less water when you wash dishes. Energy Star refrigerators use less electricity and save you money. These features are popular appliances used in kitchen remodeling.

A kitchen remodeling will increase the value of your home as many buyers will look for a trendy kitchen. Contact your local kitchen remodeling company, Tabor Design Build, to learn more about the process!

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